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June 14 2018


Apple to close iPhone security hole used by police

The move will make it more difficult for hackers, and police, to unlock handsets without authorisation.

Sony faces growing Fortnite backlash at E3

Firm is under pressure to explain why Switch owners cannot use PS4-linked Fortnite accounts.

June 13 2018


'Fewer people' are using Facebook for news

Fear of fake news and the toxic nature of debates are turning people away from news on social media, a study says.

Smart lock can be hacked 'in seconds'

A smart lock that has won an award can be broken into by anyone with a smartphone, say researchers.

Fortnite's World Cup to be 'open to all'

The game that has been grabbing everyone's attention now has its own World Cup event.

June 12 2018


Children exposed to horror film ads on YouTube

Parents complained after ads for the 15-rated film were shown before Frozen, Lego and Minecraft videos.

E3: Nintendo Switch gets Fortnite and Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The blockbuster battle game comes to Nintendo's handheld to coincide with the Los Angeles expo.

Spanish football league defends phone 'spying'

La Liga was found to be using the microphone and GPS on Android devices during match times.

Social media must be made less addictive, says watchdog

The Children's Commissioner for England also pinpointed videos and algorithms that pump out more content.

Uber applies for patent to spot drunk passengers

The taxi app is considering using artificial intelligence to determine "uncharacteristic user activity".

Trump and Kim USB fan raises cyber-security alert

Cyber-security experts warn about a laptop-powered fan given to reporters at the summit.

E3: Sony PlayStation's Last of Us Part II has kisses and kills

Sony begins its E3 event with a look at the violent combat of one of its most anticipated sequels.

June 11 2018


Kim in surprise Singapore tour

The North Korean leader surprises locals by visiting Singapore's landmarks under heavy security.

Volkswagen Beetle: Mexico's enduring love of a classic car

Photographer Dan Giannopoulos takes a playful look at Mexico's love affair with a classic car.

US officially repeals net neutrality rules

The rules demanded that net providers treated all data crossing their networks equally.

June 10 2018


E3: Xbox One chief teases Halo Infinite video game

New Forza and Gears of War games were also announced as well as a takeover of two UK indie studios.

Tomorrow's Cities: Dubai and China roll out urban robots

Drones and robocops are starting to find a home in cities, but will they become ubiquitous?

June 09 2018


Week in pictures: 2 - 8 June 2018

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

June 08 2018


David Douglas Duncan's career in pictures

The renowned American photojournalist died in France.

Google bans AI for weapon use

The tech giant lays out principles to guide its AI development following outrage over military deal.
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