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February 08 2018


Google-Nest merger raises privacy issues

Campaigners are concerned that smart home specialist Nest will no longer be a separate business.

Facebook moderator: I had to be prepared to see anything

A former moderator for the social network recalls some of the content she had to tackle.

MPs travel to US on fake news mission

A House of Commons committee is in Washington to question Google, Facebook and Twitter on fake news.

February 07 2018


Reddit bans deepfake porn videos

The discussion site bans all faked pornography that uses people's faces without their permission.

Dozens charged for Infraud cyber-crime site

Thirty-six people are charged for their alleged involvement in running a giant cyber-crime site.

Deepfake pornographic videos banned by Twitter

Videos that merge celebrities faces with explicit sexual activity are blocked by the social network.

Gig economy: Holiday and sick pay promise for millions

The government says it will strictly enforce employment rights to improve conditions for millions of workers.

Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully

The world's most powerful rocket successfully lifts clear of its pad on historic maiden flight.

BBC launches first augmented reality app for Civilisations

People will be able to explore historical artefacts in a virtual exhibition on their smartphones.

Poundland 'naughty' elf ad deemed 'irresponsible' by regulator

The social media campaign, which featured sexual references, breached the ASA code of practice.

February 06 2018


Uber boss takes stand at driverless trial

Ex-Uber boss is pressed on allegations he orchestrated the theft of trade secrets from Google's Waymo.

More than 746,000 NHS phishing emails blocked in a month

The NCSC has brought down the UK's share of global phishing attacks by securing government systems.

Bitcoin falls below $6,000

Investor fears over tightening crypto-currency legislations could be contributing to the fall.

Child abuse images behind Telegram ban

Users who posted "this horrible content" have been banned, said Apple's app store boss.

YouTube Kids still shows disturbing videos

YouTube says it is “very sorry” after more disturbing videos were found on YouTube Kids.

Elon Musk's huge Falcon Heavy rocket set for launch

The entrepreneur will attempt to fly the world's most powerful rocket with his own Tesla as payload.

The street dancers who dream big

The street dancers in Sierra Leone who are using their talent to try to make a living.

February 05 2018


Microsoft warns firms of technology 'distractions'

Staff suffer from technostress, says an expert, with few Europeans feeling they work at their best.

New Spectrum Vega+ promises follow funds threat

The makers of a retro games console give a new delivery date after a threat to recoup funds.

Lauri Love case: Hacking suspect wins extradition appeal

Lauri Love, from Suffolk, is suspected of hacking into FBI, US Central Bank and Nasa systems.
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