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June 15 2017


Prices for fake news campaigns revealed

Underground sites offer to hijack elections, start protests and create celebrities, say researchers.

Microsoft AI plays a perfect game of Ms Pac-Man

A team from Microsoft-owned AI firm Maluuba achieved the perfect score of 999,990.

Blind gamer is trying to make gaming accessible to all

Blind gamer takes on the biggest games developers to make gaming accessible to all.

E3 2017: Light tech lets gamers share one screen

MirraViz lets several gamers use one screen at the same time, without seeing one another's gameplay.

June 14 2017


Future Energy: Will buses be run on coffee?

How can cities improve air quality with cleaner fuels?

'US rethinks Chinese investment in AI start-ups'

A leaked report suggests US defence officials want more scrutiny of Chinese investment in US technology.

Google AI polices newspaper comments

The New York Times is using algorithms to identify posts that are likely to be offensive.

Wary 'silver surfers' embrace social media

Around nine in 10 baby-boomer net users have a Facebook account, according to a report from Ofcom.

Pirate Bay liable for copyright, says ECJ

The European ruling is part of a long-running dispute between the platform and a Dutch anti-piracy group.

London tower block fire

A huge fire has engulfed a tower block in west London, having broken out in the early hours of Wednesday.

Apple's Tim Cook confirms self-driving car plans

Tim Cook says he views Apple's project as being a "core technology".

June 13 2017


E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey gets October date from Nintendo

Sales of the Switch console should get a Christmas boost from the release of Super Mario Odyssey.

Uber: Travis Kalanick's rollercoaster reign

The billionaire founder of Uber is taking a leave of absence from the lift-sharing platform.

Hello's sleep-tracking Kickstarter hit collapses

Start-up Hello had been personally backed by some of Silicon Valley's biggest names.

E3 2017: PlayStation in one minute

New games for the PlayStation 4 and PSVR are teased, following an event by Microsoft on Sunday.

E3 2017: Sony teases virtual reality games

The firm also used its E3 show in Los Angeles to unveil several new blockbuster titles for the PS4.

A woman’s world for South Sudanese refugees

Documenting daily life in Ugandan refugee settlements.

June 12 2017


E3 2017: Microsoft unveils Xbox One X

The new, super powerful console is shown off ahead of the E3 games show in Los Angeles.

June 10 2017


E3 2017: Gamers head to LA to play

Thousands of gamers are invited to attend the video games industry showcase for the first time.

June 09 2017


Week in pictures: 3-9 June 2017

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
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