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March 23 2017


Russian man pleads guilty over $500m malware scam

A Russian man faces up to 10 years in jail for spreading a computer virus that cost victims more than $500m (£401m).

Day after London attack

The day after an attack on Westminster which left four dead and many more injured.

Fighting for peace

From World War One to present day: anti-war images from across the UK at London's Imperial War Museum.

Terror attack on Westminster

Four people, including a police officer and an attacker, are dead and 40 others have been injured in a terror attack in Westminster.

Tomorrow's cities: Are your shoes giving away data?

How much data do you give away during your average day in the city?

March 22 2017


Divided Spanish village

A Spanish village whose residents were at odds over a planned waste dump have overcome their differences with an art project that transformed it into an open-air gallery.

Two major US technology firms 'tricked out of $100m'

A Lithuanian man has been charged with a phishing scam in which he was wired large amounts of money.

Twitter shuts 377,000 more 'terrorism' accounts

Twitter says it shut more than 377,000 accounts for promoting terrorism in the second half of 2016.

Plusnet fined £880,000 for billing former customers

An investigation by Ofcom found the ISP had overcharged former customers by more than £500,000.

'Sex assault' streamed on Facebook Live

At one point 40 people watched the broadcast but nobody reported it to police.

Spear-phishing scammer demanded sex show

A young woman was tricked into handing over her passwords and then blackmailed over explicit photos.

The face of famine

Family portraits from the heart of the hunger crisis in Somaliland.

March 21 2017


Future Projects

The winners have been announced in this year's Architectural Review competition for yet-to-be-built or incomplete projects.

UK flight ban on electronic devices announced

Laptops and tablets will not be allowed on some inbound routes from the Middle East and North Africa.

Apple launches red iPhone 7 and video app

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now comes in a new colour and a video app aims to appeal to iOS users.

Canadian photographer 'sorry' for explicit image sharing

Canadian photographer Ren Bostelaar says the pictures he shared were already in the public domain.

eBay launches guaranteed three-day delivery in US

The online retailer announces a programme that promises to get items to US shoppers in three days.

Electronics banned on some US flights from Middle East

Travellers from eight mainly Muslim countries won't be allowed to carry on large electronic devices.

Pupils need internet lessons to thrive online, say Lords

Online risks, responsibilities and acceptable digital behaviour "should be mandatory in all schools".

Photographing football's female fans

Images from This Fan Girl website which documents female football fans.
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