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July 10 2015


Reddit's under-fire boss Pao resigns

Ellen Pao, the chief executive of influential news and links sharing website Reddit, resigns following a huge community backlash.

Top US official quits over hack

The director of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) resigns after reports that the records of millions federal employees were hacked.

Teenager sentenced over web attack

A British teenager has been sentenced for his part in what was called the "biggest cyber attack in history".

Week in pictures: 4-10 July 2015

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

BT tests IPv6 addressing scheme

BT has started trials of the next version of the net's addressing scheme known as IP version 6.

Twitter ad angers epilepsy charity

An epilepsy charity criticises Twitter for uploading two online videos that feature a looping, rapid succession of flashing colours.

'Staingate' angers Apple laptop users

Thousands of Apple Macbook owners are campaigning online or taking action over reported issues with the laptop's retina screen.

In pictures: Delivering aid to South Sudan

The International Committee of the Red Cross operation in Udier.

When the UK was bombed nightly for eight months in a row

Blitzed Brits - 75 years on - how the UK's cities were under nightly attack by German bombers in WW2.

July 09 2015


UK privacy campaigner Bowden mourned

Technology industry figures pay tribute to Caspar Bowden, a renowned digital privacy advocate, who has died of cancer.

VIDEO: Nasa shows off Mars rover marathon

BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best of the week's technology news.

Website turns free time into money

The site that turns time into money

VIDEO: Coding brothers inspired by Google

Brothers Osine and Anesi have developed an Android web browser, calling it Crocodile Browser Lite.

VIDEO: The vest that helps exam cheats

Justin Rowlatt looks at the technology designed to help people cheat in exams in India.

Israeli jailed over Madonna hack

An Israeli man is jailed for 14 months in Tel Aviv for hacking the computers of singers including Madonna.

Web giants fined for 'morbid' photos

Facebook and Google are fined 50,000 Brazilian real (£10,000) for ignoring a ban on the dissemination of "degrading images" in Brazil.

Disney wins starwars.co.uk battle

Disney makes a UK-based fancy-dress retailer surrender starwars.co.uk and six other web addresses related to its sci-fi film franchise.

IBM chips 'contain smallest parts'

IBM says it has overcome technical hurdles threatening to delay the manufacture of silicon chips with the smallest components so far.

UK to develop 'universal' satellite

The development is approved of a completely novel type of telecommunications satellite, which will be built in the UK.

Your pictures: Tiny

Readers' photographs on the theme of tiny.
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